Looking for an advanced way to express yourself to your audience? You are in the right place! A Personal Video is a brilliant way to give you audience an insight to who you are and what you do. Imagine an easy way to communicate the services you offer , why you are the best at what you do and why you should be your clients first choice; now you can with personal video. This is such a powerful tool to use before meeting new clients , not only in that it allows you to describe key aspects about your service but it is also an ice-breaker when dealing with new clients. By using personal video , you are able to dramatically enhance your chances of success. For more information , contact us by either call or by filling in the form below and we will call you!

Personal Video


Seeing is Believing


Despite being the most common corporate communication method, it is often a medium in which branding is overlooked.

Branded email signatures are a very powerful and valuable communication and marketing strategy for companies.

In the dynamic world of technology, consumers are less likely to engage in reading lines of texts and more likely to watch a video. Video marketing is an effective strategy proven to promote,grown and brand your business online.

Why Personal Video Works


According to the most powerful marketing platforms, a video in your email leads up to a 300% increase in click through rates and a staggering 64% of users are more likely to buy a product or service online after watching a video With the above statistics in mind, it is easy to imagine how powerful a video email signature can be. You are now able to establish close personal relations with prospect clients before having met them.

Personal video offers an end to end solution for your company's video signature requirements. Be unique from your competitors and create your personal video today.


Your Email is Who You Are


Your signature attached to your email is what identifies your authenticity to the world around you.

Therefore, we are able to envision the effectiveness of a personal video signature.

At personal video, we specialize in producing tailor made personal videos which you are able to attach to your emails. Therefore , every time you send an email out into the world, people are able to see exactly who you are and what you do by simply clicking on your video signature which is attached to your email.

Person video not only serves as a great ice breaker between correspondence but also serves as an identification tool for security purposes.

Don't Chat, Let Your Video Talk For You


At personal video, you receive 3 video sizes , that you will be able to use at your own leisure.

HD for email attachment as well as Vertical and Square video versions for all your major social media platforms.

In addition we also store all 3 versions on the cloud , this way your videos can be easily downloaded and shared.


Let Your Video Flow Through Your Social Network


Most of us have one or more major social media accounts, this is a quick and affordable marketing pathway. The 3 video formats make it easy to share your video across any form of social network. Personal video makes it easier for people interested in your service to find you as well as easier to establish what services you offer. The video formats make it especially easy for people to share your videos onto prospective clients. Allowing your video to flow effortlessly through different media platforms.

Our Video Works Everywhere


With our 3 video formats , you are able to access people even during their busy schedules as they are able to watch them at any time of the day and anywhere. Easily accessible videos increases the amount of viewers your personal video can have.

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Our personal videos has ability to be viewed at anytime anywhere. This feature is great for on the move people. With all three formats, it makes it possible for your followers to view your personal video at anytime anywhere of the day in any setting. This allows a greater chance of your video being viewed as people will be able to fit it into their schedules accordingly.

  • HD Format, 16:9 Video for Mainstream
  • Square Format, for Social Sharing
  • Vertical Format, for Instant Messaging App

Emails are the most commonly used business communication tool. By being able to attach your personal video to emails , you are able to engage on a more personal level with your recipients. This allows people to get a better understanding of the services being offered as well as disqualify any possibility of miscommunication.

By being able to send your personal video messaging applications, you are not only making it more easily accessible but you are also creating an opportunity to start a conversation. This is important as it allows people to accumulate more in depth inquires around what you services are based on. Allowing for faster progression to an end result.

By keeping your personal videos short and sweet as well as easily accessible, you are able to access a wider spectrum of people. Personal Video is a simple but professional way of being able to break the ice between the service provider and the person seeking the service boosting your success results.

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